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Instrument Sound File History
Accordion Click to hear an accordion In 1854, Anthony Faas of Philadelphia, PA, was granted the first U.S. patent for the accordion. He made improvements to the keyboard and enhanced the sound.
Acoustic bass guitar
Acoustic guitar Click to hear a Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic bass guitar Click to hear a Acoustic Bass Guitar
Aeolian harp
Agung a Tamlang) (Philippine slit drum)
Agung/ agong (Philippine gong)
Ahoko (Ivory Coast rattle)
Alboka (Spanish double hornpipe)
Alphorn Click to hear a Alphorn
Alpine bell
Alto clarinet
Alto flute
Alto horn
Alto sarrusophone
Alto saxophone
Angklung (tuned bamboo slide rattle) Click to hear an Angklung
Appalachian dulcimer Click to hear an Appalachian dulcimer
Archlute (Spanish archilaúd, Italian arciliuto, German Erzlaute, Russian Архилютня) is a European plucked string instrument developed around 1600)
Arghul (Arabic double pipe) Click to hear an Arghul
Arpa anottolini (Italian hooked harp)
Arpeggione (Italian six-string)
Array Mbira (African thumb piano)
Aru-ding (Philippine Jew’s harp)
Aulochrome (double soprano saxophone)
Autoharp (chorded zither)
Babendil (Philippine gong)
Baglama/ saz (Turkish strings)
Balafon (xylophone from Ghana)
Balalaika (Central Asian 2 or 3 stringed guitar) Click to hear an Balalaika
Bandola (plucked lute from Cuba, Chile and Peru)
Bandoneón (Argentinian concertina)
Bandurria (Spanish/ Latin American plucked lute)
Banhu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Banjo Click to hear a Banjo
Barbat (Iranian plucked lute)
Baritone horn
Baritone sarrusophone
Baritone saxophone
Baroque Wooden Flute
Baryton (German Euphonium)
Bass Clarinet
Bass Drum
Bass flute
Bass guitar Click to hear a Bass Guitar
Bass sarrusophone
Bass saxophone
Bass/ baritone oboe
Basse a Pistons (French Euphonium)
Basse Cor
Basset clarinet
Basset horn
Bassoon Click to hear a Bassoon
Bawu (Chinese wind instrument)
Bayan (Russian Accordian)
Berimbao (Brazilian musical bow)
Bianqing (Chinese stone chimes)
Bianzhong (Chinese bells)
Bifora (Sicillian oboe)
Biniou (French bagpipe)
Biwa (Japanese short-necked lute)
Bock (German bagpipes)
Bodega (French bagpipe)
Bodhrán (Irish drum)
Boha (French bagpipe)
Bombardino (Spanish Euphonium)
Bongo drum
Border pipe/ lowland bagpipe
Bordonua (Puerto Rican bass guitar)
Bouzouki (Greek lute)
Brian Boru bagpipes
Button accordian
Cabrette (French bagpipe)
Calliope (steam organ)
Carillon (Dutch harmonising bells)
Carillon (Dutch harmonising bells)
Cavaco (Spanish guitar)
Cavaquinho (Portuguese guitar)
Caxixi (Brazilian idiophone)
Celesta (idiophone) invented 1886 in Paris by Auguste Mustel. Click to hear a Celesta
Cello Click to hear a Cello
Ceng (Turkish harp)
Chabrette (French bagpipe)
Chapman stick (fretboard)
Charango (South American fretted lute)
Chenda (Indian drum)
Chi (Chinese Transverse Flute)
Ching (Cambodian/ Thai finger cymbals)
Chitaronne (lower-toned lute)
Chitarra battebte (Italian guitar)
Chromatic accordian
Cigar box guitar
Cimbalom (Eastern European hammered dulcimer)
Cimpoi (Romanian bagpipe)
Cittern (Renaissance lute)
Clapped hands
Clarinet Click to hear a Bb Clarinet
Clarinette d’amour
Classical guitar
Clavicembelo (Italian pianoforte)
Clavichord (European stringed keyboard)
Conga (Caribbean drum)
Contra-alto clarinet
Contra-alto flute
Contrabass á anche
Contrabass clarinet
Contrabass flute
Contrabass oboe
Contrabass Sarrusophone
Contrabass saxophone
Cornet/ Cornett/ Cornetto/ Zink
Cornish bagpipes
Croatian bagpipes
Crotales (Struck cymbals)
Crwth (Welsh stringed instrument)
Cuatro (Latin American lute)
Cuíca (Brazilian drum)
Cymbals – crash, hi-hat, ride, splash, tom-toms, zil Click to hear a Cymbals
Cymbalum (Western European hammered dulcimer)
Da’uli da’uli (Indonesian xylophone)
Dabakan (Philippine drum)
Dadihu (contrabass erhu)
Dahu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Daiko (Japanese drum)
Dankiyo (Turkish bagpipe)
Daraboukka (Syrian drum)
Darabukka (Arabic drum)
Darbuka (Greek drum)
Darvyra (Greek Duct Flute)
Denis d’or (ancient Czech chordophone)
Dhol (Iranian drum)
Dholak (North Indian hand drum)
Didgeridoo (Aboriginal Natural Trumpet)
Dihu (Chinese large bowed stringed instrument)
Diyingehu (contrabass gehu)
Djembe (West African hand drum)
Doedelzak (Dutch bagpipe)
Dombak (Iranian drum)
Domra (Russian mandolin)
Dotara (bass ektara)
Double Bass Click to hear a Double Bass
Double contrabass flute
Doulophone/ cuprophone
Drum machine
Dubreq stylophone
Duct Flute
Dudelsack (German bagpipe)
Dudy (Czech bagpipes)
Duff (Islamic tambourine)
Dulcian (pre-1700’s Western European Bassoon)
Dulcimer (hammered zither)
Dulzaina (Spanish oboe)
Dumbelek (Turkish drum)
Dun dun (West African large talking drum)
Dutar (Central Asian lute)
Duxianqin (Chinese one-stringed zither)
Ektara (Indian one-string)
Electric guitar Click to hear a Electric Guitar
Electric organ Click to hear a Electric Organ
Electric piano
English Horn/ Cor Anglais (French tenor Oboe)
Erhu (Chinese violin)
Erxian (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Euphonium Click to hear a Euphonium
Fangxiang (Chinese metallophone)
Finger Cymbals
Fingerboard synthesizer
Fiscarmonica (Italian Accordian)
Flute Click to hear a Flute
French Horn
Gaida (Southern Balkan bagpipes)
Gaita (Portuguese & Spanish bagpipe)
Gajdy (Eastern European bagpipes)
Gambang (Indonesian xylophone)
Gan gan (West African small talking drum)
Gandingan (Philippine set of 4 hanging gongs)
Gandingan a kayo (Philippine xylophone)
Ganza (Brazilian rattle)
Gaohu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Gayageum (Korean zither)
Gehu (Chinese cello-like)
Gender (Indonesian brass xylophone)
Geomungo/ komungo (Korean zither)
Ghatam (Indian drum)
Glass marimba
Glasschord (crystallophone)
Glockenspiel Click to hear a Glockenspiel
Gong Click to hear a Gong
Gottuvadhyam (Indian 21-stringed guitar)
Great Highland bagpipe
Great Irish warpipes
Guan (Chinese pipe)
Gugin (Chinese bridgeless zither)
Guiro (South & Central American notched gourd that is scraped)
Guitar 12 Strings Click to hear a Guitar 12 Strings
Guitarrón (Mexican large bass guitar)
Guqin (Chinese plucked zither)
Gusle/ gusla (Balkan guitar)
Gusli (Russian harp)
Guzheng (Chinese zither)
Hammered dulcimer
Hang (steel hand drum)
Hardanger fiddle
Harmonica/ Mouth Organ
Harmonium/ reed organ
Harp Click to hear a Harp
Harp guitar
Harpsichord Click to hear a Harpsichord
Hegelong (Philippine fretted boat-lute)
Hichiriki (Japanese Oboe)
Hocchiku (Japanese flute)
Hooked harp
Horagai (Japanese conch)
Hosho (Zimbabwean rattle)
Hsaio (Chinese Duct Flute)
Huemmelchen (German smallpipes)
Huluhu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Hun (Korean flute)
Hunting Horn Click to hear a Hunting Horn
Huqin (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Hurdy Gurdy Click to hear a Hurdy Gurdy
Igil (Tuvan bowed instrument)
Inci (Philippine flute)
Ipu (Hawaiian rattle)
Irish bouzouki
Irish Flute
Irish Uilleann (Indoor bagpipe)
Irish whistle
Istarski mih (Croatian bagpipe)
Janggu (Korean drum)
Japanese Bamboo Flute/ Shakuhachi Click to hear a Japanese Bamboo Flute
Jaw Harp (see Jew’s harp)
Jew’s harp (Jaw harp, Mouth harp, Ozark harp, Juice harp) Click to hear a Jew’s harp
Jew’s harp (plucked idiophone)
Jiaohu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Jinghu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Kadlong (Philippine fretted boat-lute)
Kagul (Philippine slit drum)
Kangling (Tibetan serunai)
Kaval (Slovakian Duct Flute)
Kèn b?u (Vietnamese reed)
Kettle drum/ Timpani
Keyed Bugle
Keyed Trumpet
Khene (Northeast Thailand mouth organ)
Khim (Cambodian/ Thai hammered dulcimer)
Khloy (Cambodian flute)
Khol (South Indian drum)
Kissar (West African lyre)
Knatele (Finnish zither)
Kokyu (Japanese bowed instrument)
Komungo (Korean zither)
Kora (West African 21-string harp-lute)
Koto (Japanese zither)
Koudi (Chinese flute)
Koziol (Polish bagpipe)
Kubing (Philippine Jew’s harp)
Kulintang a kayo (Philippine xylophone)
Kulintang a putao/ kulintang a tiniok (Philippine metallophone)
Kulintang/ kolintang (Philippine gong group)
Kutiyapi (Philippine fretted boat-lute)
Kwa-yen (Chinese hanging drum)
Kwintangen kayo/ luntang (Philippine xylophone)
Lambeg (Irish drum)
Lancashire great-pipe
Langeleik (Norwegian stringed instrument)
Laruan (Chinese stringed instrument)
Lasso d’amore
Launeddas (Sardinian triple clarinet)
Leier (German hurdy gurdy)
Leiqin (Chinese bowed instrument)
Lithophone (stone barred xylophone)
Lusheng (Chinese bamboo pipes)
Lute Click to hear a Lute
Magyar duda (Hungarian bagpipes)
Maguhu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Malimba (xylophone from the Congo)
Mando-bass (bass mandolin)
Mandocello (large mandolin)
Mandola (US/ Canadian fretted stringed instrument)
Mangtong (Chinese bamboo pipes)
Marimba Click to hear a Marimba
Marimbao (Brazilian stringed instrument)
Mbira/ Sanza/ Thumb Piano (African stringed instrument)
Mellotron (polyphonic keyboard)
Metallophones (metal barred xylophone)
Mijwiz (Arabic double pipe)
Mittlealtersackpfeife (German medieval bagpipe)
Mizwad (Arabic bagpipe)
Mohan veena (Indian guitar)
Moodswinger (zither)
Morin khuur/ morin huur (Mongolian fiddle)
Mridangam (South Indian drum)
Muchosac (Belgian bagpipe)
Musette bressane (French bagpipe)
Musette de cour (French bagpipe)
Musette du centre (French bagpipe)
Musical bow
Musical Saw (wood cutting saw)
Nadaswaram (Indian wind instrument)
Naqara (Mongolian war drum)
Natural Trumpet
Nay (Syrian wooden flute)
Ney (Lebanese Flute)
Northumbrian smallpipes
Nose flute
Nyckelharpa (Swedish key harp)
Oboe Click to hear a Oboe
Oboe d’amore
Oboe da caccia
Ocarina Click to hear a Ocarina
Octaban (cylinder drum)
Octapad (electronic drumpad)
Octave mandolin
Octocontra-alto clarinet
Octocontrabass clarinet
Oliphant/ Cor d’Oliphant
Ondes martenot (electronic keyboard and slide)
Organ - electric
Organ pipe Click to hear a Pipe Organ Organ History
Overtone guitar
Paixiao (Chinese flute)
Palendang (Philippine flute)
Pan pipes
Pastoral pipes
Piano Click to hear a piano Piano History
Piccolo clarinet
Piccolo heckelphone
Piccolo oboe
Pipa (Chinese lute)
Pipe organ
Piva (Northern Italian bagpipe)
Psaltery (plucked zither)
Pulalu (Philippine flute)
Qanun (Turkish zither)
Quena (Andean flute)
Quinticlave (Ophicleide)
Raita (Moroccan serunai)
Rajao (Portuguese guitar)
Ranat ek elk (Thai metallophone)
Ranat thum lek (Thai metallophone)
Ratchet Click to hear a Ratchet
Rebab (Arabic bowed stringed instrument)
Rebec (15th/ 16th century rebab)
Recorder (Descant) Click to hear a Recorder (Descant)
Reed contrabass
Reed Pipe
Riq/ riqq/ rik (Arabic tambourine)
Roman tuba
Ruan (Chinese plucked stringed instrument)
Rudra veena (Indian plucked stringed instrument)
Ryuteki (Japanese flute)
Sabar (Senegalese drum)
Sac de gemecs (Catalonian bagpipe)
Sackbutt (trombone family’s ancestor)
Säckpipa (Swedish bagpipe)
Saenghwang (Korean mouth organ)
Sallaneh (Iranian plucked stringed instrument)
Sampho (Cambodian barrel drum)
Sang-auk (Burmese harp)
Santur (North Indian hammered zither)
Sanxian (Chinese lute)
Saraswati veena (South Indian lute)
Sarunay/ saronay/ sarunai/ saronai (Philippine metallophone)
Saung (Burmese harp)
Saw ou (Thai bowed stringed instrument)
Saw sam sai (Thai bowed stringed instrument)
Schweizer sackpfeife (Swiss bagpipe)
Scottish smallpipes
Se (Chinese zither)
Serunai (Islamic reed instrument)
Setar (Iranian lute)
Shamisen (Japanese 3-stringed instrument)
Shawm (Renaissance oboe)
Shekere (African rattle)
Sheng (Chinese mouth organ)
Shinobue (Japanese flute)
Shofar (Jewish horn)
Sihu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Singing bowl/ rin gong (Himalayan standing bell)
Sitar (South Asian lute) Click to hear a Sitar
Sleigh Bells Click to hear a Sleigh Bells
Slide guitar
Slide whistle
Slit drum (Tone drum)
Snare Drum Click to hear a snare drum
Sopranino clarinet
Sopranino saxophone
Soprano clarinet
Soprano mandolin
Soprano saxophone
Sorna (Afghan serunai)
Sralai (Cambodian reed)
Steel drum
Steel guitar
Subcontrabass flute
Subcontrabass saxophone
Suling (Indonsian/Philippine flute)
Suona (Chinese serunai)
Tabla (Indian/ Pakistani drum)
Tagutok (Philippine slit drum)
Taiko (Japanese drum)
Talking drum
Tambour (French drum)
Tamburitza (Croatian/ Serbian mandolin)
Tan-tan (Brazilian hand drum)
Taphon (Thai drum)
Tar (Persian lute)
Tárogató (Hungarian shawm)
Tea chest bass (skiffle bass)
Tenor horn
Tenor mandola (European/ UK fretted stringed instrument)
Tenor sarrusophone
Tenor saxophone Click to hear a Tenor Sax
Tenoroon (tenor bassoon)
Teponaztli (Mexican wooden drum)
Thavil (Indian drum)
Theorbo (lower-toned lute)
Theremin (oscillator)
Timpani/ kettle drum
Timple (Canary Islands/ Murcia ukulele)
Tin whistle (penny whistle / Irish flute)
Tjelempung/ Celempung (Javanese zither)
Tone drum (see Slit drum)
Tonette (plastic recorder)
Torupill (Estonian bagpipe)
Transverse Flute (Traditional Flute)
Trekspill (Norwegian Accordian)
Tres (Cuban chordophone)
Triangle Click to hear a Triangle
Tro u (Cambodian bowed stringed instrument)
Tromba marina (European stringed instrument)
Trombone Click to hear a Trombone
Tromboon/ babone
Trompeta china (Cuban suona)
Trumpet Bb Click to hear a Bb Trumpet
Tsampouna (Greek bagpipe)
Tsuri-daiko (Japanese hanging drum)
Tuba Click to hear a Tuba
Tubular Bells
Tuhu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Tulum (Turkish bagpipe)
Tumpong (Philippine flute)
Ud/ oud (Arabic and Islamic lute)
Udu (African clay drum)
Ukulele (Hawaiian guitar)
Valiha (Indonesian and Madagascan zither)
Vertical flute
Vertical viola
Veuze (French bagpipe)
Vibraphone/ vibraharp Click to hear a Vibraphone/ vibraharp
Vichitra veena (Indian stringed instrument)
Vielle (French hurdy gurdy)
Vihuela (Spanish 2-string guitar)
Viola Click to hear a Viola
Viola d’amore
Viola da gamba
Viola organista
Violin Click to hear a Violin
Vladimirsky Rozhok
Volinka (Russian bagpipes)
Wagner Tuba
Washint (Ethiopian flute)
Washtub bass
Welsh pipes
Whip Click to hear a Whip
Whistle Click to hear a Whistle
Willow flute
Wind Chimes
Xalam/ khalam (West African Banjo-like instrument)
Xiao (Chinese flute)
Xiaodihu (tenor erhu)
Xun (Chinese flute)
Xylophone Click to hear a Xylophones
Xylorimba (extended range xylophone)
Yang chi’in (Chinese zither)
Yang Chin (Chinese hammered dulcimer)
Yayli tanbur (Turkish lute)
Yazheng (Chinese zither)
Yehu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Yu (Chinese bamboo pipes)
Yueh Ch’in (Chinese lute)
YunLuo (Chinese gong)
Zampogna (Italian bagpipe)
Zaqq (Maltese bagpipe)
Zhongdihu (bass erhu)
Zhuihu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Zither Click to hear a Zither
Zonghu (Chinese bowed stringed instrument)
Zufalo (Italian flute)
Zurna (Turkish serunai)

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